New Vendor Policy

Thank you for your interest in Boltcutter Cycles.


Over the years we’ve discovered that our vendor relationship with some brands has been a one-sided affair where we are expected to purchase, promote and sell another brand's products with little to no reciprocation. We have always gone out of our way to promote brands we like and spec on our bikes with the goal of creating lasting partnerships. Moving forward we expect the same in return from any new or existing brand/vendor. 

Starting in 2023 any new vendor wishing to have their brand featured as OE spec or as an option on our bikes and whose products we are not familiar with will be required to submit their product(s) for testing and evaluation prior to any consideration. This is not a guarantee that Boltcutter Cycles will pick up your brand or specific products. Boltcutter Cycles will no longer purchase product(s) it is not familiar with.


In addition, before we will consider discussing a business relationship with your brand please outline specifically how your company will promote Boltcutter Cycles as an OE brand carrying your product(s). You can submit this via email to boltcutterbikeworks @ gmail. com.