About Us

No Boring Bikes

Boltcutter is owned, operated and created by bike shop employees.

Everyone involved with Boltcutter has been riding and racing for decades, organizing races, wrenching and selling bikes in local shops and working their asses off for the occasional 6 pack. We know the ins and outs of the cycling industry, how to treat customers and what goes into building up an amazing bike. 


Boltcutter was built by hard work and living within our means. We're aware of our environment and are constantly improving our methods and product to reduce our footprint and impact both locally and globally. When possible we source from independent, local businesses and reuse recycled packing materials from local bike shops.

Paint us old school, but we still view bikes as pieces of art and our hope here is to buck the industry trends and put a fresh face on cycling. We love bright, uniquely individual colors and graphics that make your own creation stand out.

We love to talk shop. Solve problems and create unique and individualized experiences. And we have a not so secret fetish for good coffee, hot pizza and real food on long rides.

We're artists, writers and activists doing our best to maneuver the best way we can through this strange and stressful thing called life.

Here there are no titles... nicknames perhaps, no marketing department, no Board of Directors, no big bank loans. We're beholden only to our ideas, passion and those who support us. 

Everything is fluid. 

We'd love to have you become a part of our story.