Boltcutter Warranty

High Country, Peacemaker Gravel+ and Peacemaker CX framesets are covered by a 4 year factory warranty to the original owner that covers defects caused by improper workmanship and/or material. Paint and Finish will be covered by this warranty for one (1) year from the date of the original purchase. Our warranty is non-transferable. 

Groove Pony, Punk Monkey, Groovecaster and Arpeggio frames are covered by a 3 year factory warranty to the original owner that covers defects caused by improper workmanship and/or material. Paint, Finish and frame bearings will be covered by this warranty for one (1) year from the date of the original purchase. Our warranty is non-transferable. 

Our warranty does not cover improper use - please no RedBull Rampage comps - shoddy assembly, "JRA" crashes, use on fixed trainers... you get the idea. The warranty becomes null and void by rebranding any of our frame or forks. In the event of a crash or damage resulting from parameters outside of the warranty terms, we offer a discounted crash replacement purchase program to the original owner within the warranty period. However, we want to keep you riding - so if something happens outside of the warranty, hit us up and we'll do our best to make things right and get you back on a Boltcutter.

Rack and Fender Usage (Peacemaker & High Country)

Your frame comes with the correct length rack and fender bolts. Damage due to the use of longer bolts to mount parts and accessories to the frame is not covered under our warranty. Maximum weight per side of fork is 3lbs. Rack mounts are not designed for "low rider" type racks or panniers. Damage caused by the use of these types of racks or overloading is not covered under our warranty. Boltcutter assumes no liability to injury or property damage caused by the use of third party racks and fenders.

Suspension Modifications (Groove Pony)

Modifications to the suspension, including but not limited to: Installing longer or shorter length rear shocks, longer travel forks, multicrown forks, aftermarket rocker arms, etc., voids any existing or remaining warranty.

Paint and Finish

Damage to the frame or finish caused by clamping, taping, strapping or fixing third party parts and accessories to your frame is not covered under our warranty. Damage caused by the installation of improper fitting or tires larger than recommended is not covered under our warranty. 

The application of non-factory paint, paint prep or non-factory decals is not covered under our limited warranty. Painting your frame voids any existing warranty.

Third Party Components

Boltcutter does not test components from other manufacturers to determine compatibility or safety with our frames. As such Boltcutter frames may not be compatible with all third-party parts and accessories. The customer assumes all risks associated with the use of third-party parts and accessories used on Boltcutter frames. Boltcutter and it's agents, employees or owners shall have no liability for personal injury, death, disease, property damage or loss incurred as a result of any Customer's use of third-party products with Boltcutter frames or products.

Use of aftermarket "steerer extenders" are not only dangerous and a bad idea, they will also void any existing warranty on both the fork and and frameset.

This limited warranty does not cover third party components on any Boltcutter bicycle. Third party components may be covered by their respective manufacturer's warranty. For warranty information and service, please contact their respective manufacturer. Should the manufacturer require that you process such warranty claim through the business whom you purchased the component, please email us directly. 

Warranty Frame Replacement

In the event of a frame or fork replacement, Boltcutter cannot guarantee a color match to the original frame or fork. Refurbished parts may be used for repairs or replacements. Parts used for replacement, whether new or refurbished, are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.