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FSA ACR Headset

Fully Integrated: The High Country is designed around the FSA ACR headset for a full integrated cable look. The HC is best paired with an ACR stem to seamlessly integrate with the ACR headset and ACR spacers. However, you can run any full integrated bar and stem combo.

Noise/Creak Prevention: When building up your High Country we recommend lubricating the entire upper headset assembly with special attention to the compression ring and the interface with the black ACR top cap. A liberal amount of grease around the compression ring and underside of the top cap will help prevent any creaking within that interface.

FSA AC-1 Compressor Installation:

1. Install the stem (having cut the steerer to the correct height based on stem choice and number of spacers) onto the steerer.
2. Tighten the steerer clamp bolts - finger tight only.
3. Adjust tension on the expander assembly (inner compressor bolt) so it contacts the inner walls of the steerer tube but still able to slide inside. 
4. Tighten the expander assembly with a 6mm hex wrench to 6-9 Nm/53-80 in.lbs or torque.
5. Tighten top cap until proper bearing preload is achieved.
Integrated Seat Clamp
Torque: 5-7 Nm 
Best if used along with carbon fiber paste where the seat post contacts the clamp and seat tube.
To help prevent creaking, apply grease between each of the three clamp wedges along with the seat clamp bolt. Be careful not to grease the portion of the clamp that comes in contact with the seat post as slippage may occur.

Bars & Stem

Semi Integrated: The High Country can be set up with semi integrated cable routing with traditional, non-ACR bars by using

1. An FSA ICR Stem (cables route through an opening at the top of the stem faceplate. ACR spacers are recommended for this application rather than traditional, old school round spacers.)

2. An FSA SMR-ACR Stem (cables route under the stem through a removable cover and in through the opening in the ACR headset top cover and ACR headset spacers).

3. Traditional Stem And Bars (cables route through the top of the ACR headset cap. Traditional, round headset spacers must be used and stem cannot be "slammed" in order to allow access to that opening. ACR top cap can be oriented with the opening to the front *shown below* or in the back.)

External cable routing - mechanical


The High Country uses a standard 27.2MM seatpost with an internal clamp. 

We recommend using a bit of grease between the three clamping surfaces to eliminate friction noise.

To prevent slippage, please use carbon assembly paste between the clamp, frame and post.

Dropper Post: The HC is dropper compatible. Routing the dropper cable/housing through the frame is easy enough, but can be challenging to route through all the tight twists and bends in the headset, stem and bars. All those tight angles also degrade the performance of the dropper. If you're planning on running a dropper we suggest running either an ICR or SMR-ACR stem with traditional bars in order to avoid all of those tight angles and allow for a more direct line into the frame.

Disc Brakes

The High Country accepts 160mm Flat Mount disc brakes/rotors. The rear chainstay thickness is 30mm and uses 37mm button head bolts (SRAM calipers). The front uses standard 15mm button head bolts.

Geometry & Fit

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