Arpeggio Road Tech


The Arpeggio uses a BB86 bottom bracket.

FSA ACR Headset

Fully Integrated: The High Country is designed around the FSA ACR headset for a full integrated cable look. The Arpeggio is best paired with an ACR stem to seamlessly integrate with the ACR headset and ACR spacers. However, you can run any full integrated bar and stem combo.

Noise/Creak Prevention: When building up your Arpeggio we recommend lubricating the entire upper headset assembly with special attention to the compression ring and the interface with the black ACR top cap. A liberal amount of grease around the compression ring and underside of the top cap will help prevent any creaking within that interface.

Bars & Stem

The Arpeggio features fully internal routing via the FSA ACR headset. You can use a traditional stem and route the cables through the opening in the top cap of the headset by rotating the opening in the headset top cap to the front of the stem and routing the shifter and brake line in front of the stem. For a cleaner look we recommend using FSA/Vision SMR ACR or Non-Series ICR stems, bars with internal routing or bar/stem combos such as the FSA Metron 5D ACR or Shimano PRO Vibe Evo handlebar.

Semi Integrated: The High Country can be set up with semi integrated cable routing with traditional, non-ACR bars by using

1. An FSA ICR Stem (cables route through an opening at the top of the stem faceplate).

2. An FSA SMR-ACR Stem (cables route under the stem through a removable cover and in through the opening in the ACR headset top cover and ACR headset spacers).


The Arpeggio accommodates both electronic and mechanical shifting. Mechanical shifting is possible by using full length cable housing and the accompanying foam housing over the shifter hose (and rear brake hose) inside the downtube. This will keep things quiet and allow for easier cable replacement.

Front brake housing is routed through the headtube like the rear brake hose and through the opening on the steerer tube that feeds out the inside of the fork leg to the front brake caliper. 


The Arpeggio comes stock with a full length carbon aero post which can be cut shorter for smaller riders. Be certain to measure twice and cut once!

The stock seat post clamp fits aluminum/steel seat rails. If you're running a carbon railed saddle Ritchey makes two carbon clamps that fit the stock post:

  • Ritchey WCS 1-Bolt Seatpost Saddle Rail Clamp - Outer Plates, For Carbon Posts, 8 x 8.5mm Rails, Black, Part Number: 55055467002
  • Ritchey WCS 1-Bolt Seatpost Saddle Rail Clamp - Outer Plates, For Carbon Posts, 7 x 9.6mm Rails, Black, Part Number: 55055467003. 

Both clamps are available to purchase through - check with your local shop to see if they can order you a set if needed. MSRP for each is $18.


The Arpeggio can easily accommodate most 700x32 and even some 700x33 tires. 


Arpeggio Geometry