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Peacemaker Gravel+

The anti-identity crisis frameset.  The Peacemaker Gravel+ is 700C & 650B compatable. Sports massive tire clearance. Comfortable with 1x or 2X drivetrains. Fits racks, fenders, bento box, 3 waterbottle mounts and the pièce de résistance: a threaded bottom bracket.

Drop Bar Dirt Rocket

Super light and responsive for those 100+ mile epic rides and your fastest gravel race - yet extremely durable for off-road, all-road, on road, groad, gravel, single track, light touring adventure and any other industry catchphrase.


Be who you want to be. We're big believers in individuality that's why the Peacemaker is available in just about any color you can imagine for less than what other brands charge for colors they pick for you. Not the creative type? We offer Small Batch limited color runs and our Bauhaus Black and Chameleon Sparkle framesets are ready to ship.

Peacemaker CX

So You're A One Trick Pony?

Tons of mud shedding tire clearance, light weight and new school CX geometry has quickly made the Peacemaker CX a sought after pro level cyclocross frameset. Thinking of doing the occasional off season gravel race? No worries. The Peacemaker CX moonlights as a gravel race rocket.

100% Your Look, Your Image

All Peacemaker CX's are made to order. You choose the look and color that best matches your personality, team or club -we'll make it happen.

2019 CX Nationals

Of Crank & Chain: Cyclocross

Of Crank and Chain: Cyclocross is a 240 page photographic and written expression of domestic cyclocross in 2019. Captured locally in the Pacific Northwest as well as at UCI events around the nation, the book is not organized by the events themselves, but rather by parts of a race day from the events spanning the season, blended together and presented as one continuous event. Mixing black and white along with color, none of the images contain captions of the who and the where, because, in a way, a season is a singular event and also features images of amateurs and professionals and doesn’t draw a distinction between them. In the United States, all racers suffer on the same track on any given day. In that respect, American cyclocross paints amateurs and pros with essentially the same brush. The book is about what it is to race cyclocross and what goes into it, as opposed to a year in review. Contributors to the project include Molly Cameron, National Champions Gage Hecht, Clara Honsinger, and Stephen Hyde and edited by poet Laura Winberry who also contributes original works.

Drew's beautiful photos of our athletes and bikes have graced our social media and website. We're excited to include a copy of Drew's new book with the purchase of any Peacemaker frameset or complete bike through our webstore. Or you can support Drew and purchase copies directly by clicking here.

Boltcutter Europe

Now Open

Adventure Multisport's Peacemaker Gravel+ Review