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Groovecaster MTB Tech


The Groovemaster uses a BB92 bottom bracket (92mm) that is available from a number of manufacturers. 

Shimano Model/Part No. BB-MT800-PA / IBBMT800PA. When installing, do not use any spacers between the BB and the BB shell (frame). Spacers: these will depend on the crankset model you are installing. Scroll down to page 19 of the Shimano manual to determine which size spacers need installed on both the left and right sides between the BB and both crankarms. 

FSA Model/Part No. FSA BB89.5 & BB92/392EVO MTB Bottom Bracket / 200-0015000520 (for use with FSA 392EVO cranks.)


The Groovemaster uses a FSA ACR 1.5 headset which comes stock with your frameset. 

Note: When installing the ICR stem be certain to use the accompanying compression plug in place of a traditional star nut. Star nut setters place the star nut too deep inside the steerer tube for the ICR stem cap bolt to reach. 


The Groovemaster features fully internal routing via the FSA ACR headset. You can use a traditional stem and route the cables through the opening in the top cap of the headset by rotating the opening in the headset top cap to the front of the stem and routing the shifter and brake line in front of the stem. For a cleaner look using standard 31.8 bars we recommend using the FSA ICR stem.

A 70MM FSA ICR stem and spacers come stock with your frameset.

Mechanical 1X drivetrain with dropper post cable routing using an FSA ICR stem.

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