Groove Pony Tech

Groove Pony Framesets

12MM Thru Axles

Before wrenching on your axles, please make certain the 6mm allen key is inserted at least 8mm's into the axle. A little grease on the threads and frame interface will extend the life of your axles - and frameset.

Bottom Bracket

The Groove Pony uses a BB92 bottom bracket. Be certain to use the recommended spacers depending on the brand of bottom bracket you are installing.


The Peacemaker uses a 42/52 integrated headset. It comes stock with a complete Cane Creek assembly. There are no additional cups to press into the frame.

Note: The Groove Pony is not compatible with the Chris King DropSet upper bearing/assembly due to the height of the bearing - bummer, we know but it's actually not that uncommon of a thing. It requires a shallow upper bearing height. 


The Groove Pony uses a dedicated 1X drivetrain. It does not accommodate a front derailleur.


Cable & Housing Routing

We recommend removing the three plastic hose shields prior to installing the rear derailleur housing, rear brake hose and dropper post housing. Full length housing is required for the installation of any of the mentioned components. It is also recommended that you route the above mentioned housing prior to installing the bottom bracket, fork and headset as you will need access to housing through those openings.

The rear derailleur cable should be routed through the thin white cable guide tubes and the rear brake hose should be routed through the larger white guide that can be found inside your head tube and sticking out of your chainstay. The dropper post guide 

  • The guides are there solely for that purpose and need to be removed after threading cable and housing through the frame.

Foam hose wrap - Keeping those hoses quiet.

  • The included foam housing cover should be used to cover the brake, shifter and dropper housing inside the downtube and eliminate noise caused by hose rattle. Due to the thickness of the foam housing wrap it will not fit through the cable guide ports in the frame. You will need to install this over the housing from the head tube. This means running housing in reverse through the frameset.
  • After installing the housing and brake hose to the correct length, install the hose port covers using the larger openings for brake hose and the smaller opening for 4mm shifter housing. Pulling the hose tight and clamping them snug under these covers will also help eliminate any hose slap inside your downtube.
  • Use the enclosed cable port cover stickers to close off any ports not used and keep mud and water out of your frame.
  • Before securing the brake line to your caliper, be certain to thread the hose through the plastic guide clip that attaches to and covers the hole in the chainstay. 


The Groove Pony uses a 31.6 seat post and a 35mm clamp (34.9).

Dropper post maximum insertion lengths are as follows:

SM 150MM | MD 180MM | LG 230MM | XL 280MM


Disc Brakes

The Peacemaker accepts either 160mm or 180mm Post Mount disc brakes. 


Groove Pony Geometry