Drop Bar Dirt Rocket

Light. Fast. Comfortable.

The Peacemaker Gravel+ is our super versatile lightweight Gravel | Race | All-Road | Mixed Terrain | Groad | Adventure whatever frameset that can fit fat tires, fenders, racks, top tube bag...  You get the idea.
Available in stock and fully customizable framesets and complete builds.
Peacemaker Gravel+ Navi-Cassis Custom
99% Gimmick Free
No silly acronyms. No bold advertising claims and our bikes don't magically get 20% more efficient/stiffer/lighter/more carbony year after year. 

Straight Up - More options than you can throw a stick at.
HUGE tire clearance and versatility. 700C/650B - even 29er with plenty of room left over if you fancy adding fenders. A super comfortable and responsive ride with just the right amount of bottle and rack mounts without overdoing it. Two fork options: Race and Adventure. And for the uber competitive types, the Peacemaker is light and stiff where needed with some give in all the right spots to take the edge off of epic rides or 100+ mile races. We round out the frame with an easy to use and service threaded bottom bracket - your mechanic will thank you. Did we mention tire clearance? Yep, thanks to a dropped chainstay you can stuff big tires in there or go for a more modest approach for amazing mud shedding clearance and get the most out of that MidSouth entry fee.
Want a more personalized approach to your new bike? The Peacemaker is available in just about any color you want with our Custom Color program.


No Boring Bikes
Yeah, we get that muted earth tones are all the gravel rage because that's the the industry formula at the moment. Perhaps we're a bit old school in that we like colors just as much as we like uniquely individual builds. That's why we offer the Peacemaker in just about any color you want all year. Inpatient type? No problem - from time to time we offer ready to ship super limited Small Batch color runs.

Small Batch Reliability
Rather than having hundreds of frames made at a time, ours are made individually and in small batches so we can address and make changes in real time rather than waiting for the next model year. 

Custom Peacemaker Di2


  • Fits 700x50c // 650bx2.1* // 29"x2.0*
  • Dropped Chainstay
  • 12x100mm Front | 12x142mm Rear Thru Axles
  • BSA Bottom Bracket - Threads!
  • Fender & Rack Mounts
  • 3 Water Bottle Mounts
  • Top Tube Bag Mount
  • 1x or 2x With Removable Front Derailleur Mount 
  • Di2 2x frame prep available on Custom Color Program and Made To Order framesets
  • Adventure or Race Fork Options on Custom Color & Bauhaus Black framesets.
  • Max Chainring Size: 46T (1x) or 50-34T (2x)
  • 27.2 Seatpost Size 
  • Carbon Frame + Fork

*1x drivetrain fits both max tire sizes. 2x drivetrain max tire size 700x43C. 

New Dynamo hub fork upgrade. Looking for the ultimate night adventure racer? We have a limited number of Whisky No.9 MCX carbon forks available that are both Dynamo and rack/fender mount compatible. Available in matte black. Interested? Hit us up for details and pricing with your Bauhaus Black or Custom Peacemaker. 


Real World Weight
Nothing to hide here. Custom Paint Program and Small Batch frames tend to be slightly heavier than the Bauhaus Black color which is essentially a thin "nude" black carbon finish where characteristics of the carbon can be seen through the paint in sunlight.
Real World Examples: 
Complete 58CM Small Batch Color Frameset: 18.15lbs with XTR pedals, cages, computer mount, all rack/fender bolts, Force CX1 and Reynolds carbon ATR 700x38C wheelset.
52 and 54CM complete team bikes spec'd with AXS Red 1X, carbon HiFi wheelset with 700x45c WTB tires, pedals, cages, computer and full custom paint (including bars, post and stem with gloss clear coat) have all come in the mid 17lbs range.  
Fender Fit
700Cx43? 650Bx2.1"? No problem.