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Miss Grape Node 2H Top Tube Bag

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The Node 2H is Italian bag maker Miss Grape's top tube bag that mounts directly to your Peacemaker top tube so no more knocking your strap mounted bag back and forth when jamming out of the saddle.

Two holes mates perfectly to your frame with two-bolt mounting eyelets on the top tube. One strap (with 2 height positions) is used to fix the bag to the headset or the seat-post.
The Node is particularly stable and does not suffer annoying, lateral movement whilst pedaling.
A central zip ensures that the bag can be opened one-handed, important for when you need items “on the go”.
The interior is slightly padded so as to ensure a certain thermal insulation. Two outer side mesh pockets are ideal for small items, energy bars or even energy bar wrappers.

Tech Specs:

  • available color speckled black;
  • Black reinforced nylon fabric speckled 420/300 polyester with polyurethane resin;
  • nylon plastic accessories;
  • Zip Riri model “Aquazip” M6;
  • The Node 2H are exclusively Made in Italy and are certified according to REACH regulations (CE) no. 1097/2006.


  • length: 25 cm
  • width: 7 cm
  • height: 12 cm
  • Weight: 125 g

Suggested Use:

Node 2H is designed to hold all the small, easily accessible objects that need to be “close at hand” whilst riding. Items such as energy bars,
smartphone, power bank, wallet, camera etc.

 **Miss Grape bags cannot be shipped to Europe.