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Boltcutters In The Wild

Looking for some inspiration or just some plain old bike porn?

Enjoy our gallery of Boltcutters in the wild.

Thomas's beautiful Riders on the Storm Peacemaker

Thomas's 650b Riders on the Storm Small Batch. HiFi Wheels, Ingrid crankset rounded out by ano purple Paul Components. Built by the infamous Dustinthewind Bicycle Repair.

Juliane's Riders on the Storm Small Batch - Bikepacking Germany.

Drew's UC Berkely themed Peacemaker.

Grand Central Station | Eric's Gun Smoke Small Batch

Eric's New Mexico themed Peacemaker.

Pippin' Green Small Batch with Custom HiFi Wheels | Alvord Desert Playa | Photo: Seth DuBois

Josh's Fools Gold Gloss Peacemaker with Custom HiFi Wheels

Lounging with Michael's Riders on the Storm Small Batch


Steve's New York Custom Color Program Peacemaker with HiFi Wheels

Dat's Custom Color Program Peacemaker

Heidi's Gun Smoke Small Batch CX slayer with HiFi Wheels.

Robbie's Custom Color Program Peacemaker with HiFi Wheel upgrade 

Fear and Loathing | Full Custom Painted Peacemaker with 650b HiFi Wheelset upgrade

Ryan's Pippin' Green Small Batch

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