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HiFi Carbon Gravel 700c Wheel Upgrade

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HiFi 700c EP 38mm Carbon Tubeless Disc Wheelset

Hands down, our absolute favorite 700c Gravel and Cross wheelset. Lightweight with a 38mm wind-cheating aerodynamic profile, the EP Anti-Flutter lets you jam up climbs and fly on the flats. Spin up to speed quickly and then carve confidently through corners. With mid-range depth, the EP Anti-Flutters are stable in crosswinds and on blustery days — so they’re a great choice for lighter riders or comfort seekers. The extremely high-grade carbon fiber they use is stiff for accelerations but is also good at dampening bumps and chatter.

New Anti-Flutter Rim Profile and EPS Construction

The latest generation of HiFi carbon road rims take advantage of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) molding construction. Rather than using a traditional, inflated bladder, the EPS mold creates a more consistent, smoother finish inside your rim. Why should you care? The result is stronger, stiffer, lighter, and more reliable. We’ve taken a great rim and made it even better.

HiFi's EP Anti-Flutter Disc wheel sets spin on the latest iteration of their Fidelity R Disc centerlock hubs.


Rim depth: 38mm, tubeless ready clincher 

Rim width: 25mm at tire interface, flaring to 28mm at center of rim. 17.5mm internal.

Hubs: HiFi Fidelity R Disc 11 speed hubs with Japanese stainless steel bearings. Durable, dependable and light. These hubs are centerlock. 

Spokes:  Sapim CX-Ray spokes (24h 2x / 28h 3x) 

Wheel Weight: 1530 grams

Tire choice: The wider EP Anti-Flutter rims require a 23mm or wider tire (we recommend 25mm and up). In this case, fatter is better. It means lower rolling resistance, greater comfort and more speed. Using a narrower tire voids the HiFi warranty.