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The ability to create your own bike is a dream of many cyclists, but often the cost and lengthy turnaround times are barriers towards achieving that dream. We created the Custom Shop as an affordable alternative to expensive aftermarket painters with a simple and straightforward process and options that reduce the environmental impact and waste generated by complex paint schemes.
You pick the colors. You choose the parts.
The Custom Shop is designed to give you an individual and personalized experience creating your very own High Country gravel bike.
We will walk you through the process, step by step with visual presentations of your frameset to dial in any changes prior to production.
Let's Get Started
Custom Shop Groove Pony

Step 1: Choose Your Base Paint & Graphics Colors

Factory painted and finished in high gloss. with matte black upper linkage. Send us your top picks and we'll work with you to dial in the look of your Custom Shop Groove Pony.

Chameleon Sparkle Options Available as a base or logo color in: Blue/Purple, Green/Purple, or Gold/Green.
Custom Shop Groove Pony frameset
Chameleon Green detail

Step 2: Complete Build Or Special Parts Requests

The pandemic continues to pose challenges in the industry when it comes to drivetrain components. Our inventory and availability of gravel and road build kits has been in continual flux because of this. If you're interested in a complete build please let us know during your Custom Shop inquiry and we can provide real time inventory levels and future availability of incoming and pending build kits. As always, we can also price out partial drivetrains, cockpits, etc., based on what you might need in order to complete your bike.
Groove Pony MTB

Step 3: Place a deposit

Once we receive a deposit we'll be in touch within 24 hours to help you start dialing in your new frame.

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