The ability to create your own bike is a dream of many cyclists, but often the cost and lengthy turnaround times are barriers towards achieving that dream.

You pick the colors. You choose the parts.

Frameset or Complete Bikes: The Custom Shop is designed to give you an individual and personalized experience creating the carbon gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike you want. We'll work directly with you to dial in colors, parts spec, wheel selection - right down to bar tape and sidewall color - from an endless array of brands and manufacturers. Now offering kit options from PNW, OneUp and Boyd!

You'll be in touch directly with one of the owners of Boltcutter who will walk you through the process step by step.

Let's Get Started

Custom Peacemaker Gravel+ Mullet 1X PHOTO: Parallel Handbuilt

Step 1: Choose Your Frame 

The Original Peacemaker Gravel+

Custom Single Color Peacemaker. Photo: Zach Heath

Light, strong with massive tire clearance. The do-it-all bike that can handle rolling gravel roads, technical singletrack, canyon descents, fast paced gravel group rides and even light bike packing. Two fork choices (Race and Adventure), two finishes, custom colors and graphics and minor mount modifications available.

Single Color frameset pricing starts at $2199, 2-Color fades and Chameleon Sparkle paint start at $2299. Complete builds start at $4700.

Click here for complete frame specs.

The Peacemaker CX

We took the Peacemaker down to its core, smoothed out all the edges and got rid of all the fluff. Light, fast with so much tire clearance you'll never think about mud jamming up your wheels during a race again. Finished in high gloss with custom colors and graphics and minor mount modifications available.

Custom CX frameset pricing starts at $2299. Complete builds start at $4800.

Click here for complete frame specs.

The Groove Pony

The ultimate XC trail bike for jammin' down just about any trail. Two carbon lay-ups available (Standard and Ultra Light), custom colors and finished in high gloss.

Groove Ponys are available as single colors with a black upper rocker. Frame modifications are not available.

Custom Color frame pricing starts at:

Standard $2700

Ultra Light $2900

(Chameleon Colors +$100)

Complete bike pricing, please inquire.

Click here for complete frame specs.

Step 2: Choose Your Frame & Graphics Colors

Factory painted single or two-color fades, top to bottom, front to back - finished in either matte or high gloss. Send us your top picks and we'll work with you to dial in the look of your new custom bike.

Base Colors:

Chameleon Sparkle Options Available as a base color in: Blue/Purple, Green/Purple, or Gold/Green.

Step 3: Choose Your Graphics Layout (Peacemaker framesets only)

Finish the look of your Peacemaker and Peacemaker CX frame with one of the following graphic options. 

Peacemaker Graphics Option #1

Step 4: Peacemaker Frame Mods

Stick with the standard Peacemaker Gravel+ or CX frameset or choose from one or a combination of the following frame modifications*:

  • Bottle Mount(s) Deletion 
  • Bento Box Mount Deletion 
  • Front Derailleur Mounts/Cable Ports Deletion
  • Shimano Di2 Front Derailleur Wiring Port Deletion 
  • Rack and Fender Mount Deletion

*Adding additional mounts is not an available option. Frame mods are not available for the Groove Pony.

Step 5: Complete Build Or Special Parts Requests

People are particular about parts, that's why we've partnered with an array of brands to put together the build kit you choose. 700C, 650B, 29"... we ride what we sell and have years toying around with kit for different riding experiences. Build kit parts are available from most major brands and some other great companies like PNW, OneUp, HiFi, Boyd... and the list goes on.

Visit the Peacemaker Build Kit page to see pricing and specs for our most popular builds.

Looking to pull off the complete custom experience? Ask about custom wheel graphics available on HiFi Wheelsets and custom handmade head tube badges by Rhys May Jewelry. Please let us know when ordering if you're interested in a custom headtube badge. Custom headtube badge framesets will not have the BC logo painted onto the frameset.

Rhys May silver and brass custom headtube badge

Either way, we'll walk you through compatibility, availability and possible alternatives if needed.

Step 6: Get In Contact With Us

It all starts with a simple email inquiry and we'll take it from there. 

Be certain to include the following information and your phone number and a good time of day to call if you'd like to chat with one of the owners about your bike and the process. 

  • Model
  • Size
  • Frame Color(s), Graphic Color & Finish
  • Frame Mods (Peacemaker only)
  • Build Kits or Special Parts Request (If applicable)

Hit us up with your ideas using our Contact Form.