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Project SSCX - A Lengthy Affair

Project SSCX - A Lengthy Affair

Time flies when you're scrambling to keep a bike brand together during a recurring pandemic. I realize we've all experienced the highs and lows of sourcing parts to fix broken bikes or piecing together something fresh and new so I won't rehash all that heartache and elation here. 

Drew and I met over social media, phone and through friends in the Portland CX scene. A staple in that scene, most notably via his photography, I was surprised one afternoon when he had sent over some photos of a then recent addition to the Collective, Heidi Wood, who had just competed in the 2019 Cyclocross Nationals in Washington aboard her 2 week old Peacemaker. From there the cycling rabbit hole runs deep so I can't say I was too shocked when he brought up the idea of doing a single speed flat bar CX conversion. 

Heidi Wood CX Nationals 2019 | Photo Drew Coleman

Heidi Wood 2019 CX Nationals | Photo: Drew Coleman

I should point out here that this wasn't our first flat bar Peacemaker. Robbie Douangpanya of HiFi was the first to my knowledge, with a geared Custom Shop fade built up for his wife. 

Peacemaker Flatbar Gravel

OG Custom Shop Peacemaker Flatbar circa April 2020

 And so the email chain began. HiFi wheels, Paul Components, shop techs, mystics and soothsayers all chimed in, gave their advice, blessings and dire warnings.

Then we all waited... and waited. Honestly, I had all but forgotten about this project. As the pandemic surged and racing stopped my communication with Drew and others waned as I spent my days scouring vendors for parts to complete custom builds. 

It wasn't until a cryptic message showed up a few weeks ago that barely jostled the cobwebs in my memory - exhausted from the recent move back across the country. I glanced at it and moved on to the ever growing checklist of must do's in my mind. Happy at the idea that the project was still alive, at least in spirit, I thought well, Drew is on the road embedded with a female Pro Tour team so nothing's going to come of this for another few months, if not early spring. 

Little did I know that he had handed things over to the folks at Sellwood Cycle Repair until they posted up a story on Instagram showcasing the complete bike adorned with the colored polka dots of Drew Coleman Media Haus's logo. 

This is the finished project... a year and then some later.

Peacemaker SSCX flatbar

Photo Set: Jake Ryder/Sellwood Cycle Repair

A big thanks to Jake Ryder at Sellwood Cycle Repair for the pictures. Dustin of Paul Components, the HiFi Wheel crew, Stephano at Ingrid and of course Drew Coleman for wanting something different and going for it. 

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